Equality leads to a better future for all

We are 8 years left to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN states, goals were set in 2015, and a deadline for achieving these goals by the year 2030.

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The UN’s Sustainability Goal #5 is gender equality.  Data shows that globally we are not on track to reach this goal by 2030 due to setbacks from the pandemic and a backlash on woman’s reproductive health and rights. These setbacks can’t mean we will stop trying to reach this goal.

Did you know? per the UN; “Women activists, scientists, and researchers are working hard to solve the climate crisis but often without the same platforms as men to share their knowledge and skills. Only 29 percent of featured speakers at international ocean science conferences are women”.

Ensure women activists, scientists and researchers have an equal voice, representation, and access to forums where these issues are being discussed and debated.

clearESG is committed and can help companies work towards this valuable UN goal affecting us all. Board Diversity & Female Owned Businesses are two of the many added values in form of merit badges a company can achieve when they sign up to use clearESG and share their company’s accomplishments and story to meet consumers’ increasing demand for sustainability and equality.

clearESG can capture the standards and measures around sustainability, to do so we use a blockchain-driven app, We use a blockchain because it is a secure and decentralized means of recording and storing data. The blockchain is also tamper-proof. This translates to authenticity and transparency for the consumer. When a customer clicks on a company’s badge the proof of the claim can be viewed and inspected.  Allowing the consumer to inspect the proof themselves increases accountability and trust.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals #5

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