Gain Customer Trust, Drive More Sales

Gain Customer Trust, Drive More Sales

Your brand is already making a positive difference that matters to environmentally and socially conscious customers. Make it count, share your positive impact!

clearESG is the ultimate solution for brands to showcase their sustainable efforts. Using its unique technology, customer can shop their values with confidence.

How It Works

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clearESG Effectively Reflect Your Sustainability Story

clearESG can measure a company’s entire sustainability story.
Each and every claim attested on its platforms automatically creates an ESG performance dashboard including:

  • A dedicated landing page highlighting your company’s sustainability initiatives and principles


  • ESG achievement badges that automatically get populated when evidence gets verified. Spanning over 50 categories that meet ESG-conscious high-standards


  • A scannable QR code capturing your entire ESG impact!

Let your Shoppers Buy with Confidence

Share your achievements with your shoppers. clearESG generates a QR code with your sustainability story that can be shared online, in-store, and on your product.

What's your Sustainability Story?

Within a simple QR code on a product, clearESG encapsulates and captures the compelling journey of Ketty’s unique product, from the fields in Ghana, through the skilled hands of Ghanaian women who process it, to its placement on store shelves or online platforms.

What makes clearESG Technology Trustworthy

1st -of-a-Kind

clearESG is the only blockchain-based solution to verify ESG claims


Once the data has been added to blockchain it can not be altered or removed


Attesting brand values on clearESG must come with proven evidence

No Greenwashing

clearESG eliminates Greenwashing, if you claim it, you own it

Choose From 50 ESG Categories

Any ESG you add automatically updates your badges and once you share it with your customers they can see what you have accomplished in real time along with additions.

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