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Here are approved organizations that can assist your ESG journey or are cannabis or hemp non-profits that could be beneficiaries of your ESG charitable focus.

Consultants, Verifiers and Non-Profits




Chicago, IL

We are carbon compliance consultants and advisors who help industry-leading organizations to successfully navigate the new U.S. regulatory environment, meet investor and stakeholder demand for good corporate citizenship, and prepare for our low-carbon future through outstanding ESG performance. Contact >>



New York, NY

Tress Solutions has extensive experience in consulting and investing in the cannabis business. Our goal is to provide the expertise to help our clients turn those dreams into reality with a suite of solutions designed to ensure success.  Specific experience includes Supply Chain, ESG, Cultivation, and Retail Management. Contact >>


Kirkland, WA (Seattle)

ThingBlu is a labor-management solution that provides for the clear assignment of work activities, visibility as to the status of that work, as well as critical data such as the results of those activities in terms of time, results, and costs. Continuous performance management to increase employee satisfaction, and operational efficiencies, assisting companies in documenting & validating ESG requirements.
ThingBlu can also consolidate all your data into a single source. Our seamless and economical analytical solution offers superior data analysis faster. It’s easy to install and run. Contact >>

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Ontario, Canada

The Purity-IQ Authenticity Certification Program provides assurance that the consistency of certified products and the identity of their natural ingredients meet strict standards for authenticity and integrity.

Purity-IQ standards and certifications build upon existing supply chain safety and quality compliance requirements expected from customers or regulatory agencies.

Contact >>

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Cincinnati, Ohio


A fiscally-sponsored community impact project of Community Shares of Mid-Ohio, a 510 (c)(3) non-profit organization.
MedicateOH was formed in 2019 to do journalism that bridges the gap in education for citizens who seek legally and medically guided answers about their health and wellness, the state’s medical cannabis program, and cannabis as medicine. Donate >>


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