• Air Quality Management (AQM)

    A filtration system - carbon or other - that satisfies the specific needs of your facility and community.

    Accepted Evidence: Report evidencing reduced emmissions

  • Carbon Footprint Track

    Measures greenhouse gas emissions produced in business operation.

    Accepted Evidence: Report from accredited organization or tool

  • Carbon Credits to Offset Emissions

    Offsets applied to decrease carbon emissions.

    Accepted Evidence: Proof of purchase of offsets with the name and location of the offset project

  • Carbon Footprint Mitigation (CFM)

    Decreasing the amount of emissions released into the atmosphere and reduce carbon dioxide concentration.

    Accepted Evidence: Report

  • Renewably-sourced Energy

    Minimum of 51% renewably-sourced energy.

    Accepted Evidence: Confirmation from Provider

  • Compostable Components

    Packaging that is compostable and decomposes naturally.

    Accepted Evidence: Test report, proving parts pass standard compostability tests

  • Hazardous and Other Waste Management

    The business has a management system for common hazardous waste generated by the industry such as waste ethanol and isopropyl alcohol (ignitable wastes), acetone, and other chemicals and reagents used in quality control testing.

    Accepted Evidence: Manifest

  • Plastic Recycling Policy (PRP)

    Employs SOP strategies assuring plastics separation and recycling.

    Accepted Evidence: Recycle company compliance report

  • Recycled Material Content (RMC)

    Percentage of product derived from recovered, converted, or reprocessed waste.

    Accepted Evidence: Invoice proving the brand sourced material is from a certified supplier

  • Waste Footprint Mitigation (WFM)

    Calculate total waste production and implement actions that demonstrate year-on-year reduction.

    Accepted Evidence: Measurement report

  • Landfill Waste Reduction (LWR)

    Strategy employed to reduce production-related volume of waste sent to landfills or incinerators.

    Accepted Evidence: Proof of implementation

  • Reusable Packaging

    Product packaging is created intentionally for reuse.

    Accepted Evidence: Docs to explain refill model

  • Return/Exchange Program (REP)

    Manufacturers and retailers implement feedback loop systems that recover product waste for reuse or recycling.

    Accepted Evidence: Third party report

  • Universally Recyclable Packaging

    Product packaging is collected and components reduced into raw materials that can be repurposed or reused.

    Accepted Evidence: Report confirming parts are recyclable.

  • Cradle to Cradle Products Certified

    Cradle to Cradle https://www.c2ccertified.org/

    Accepted Evidence: Evidence of membership

  • Improved Cultivation Practices

    Business has implemented cultivation systems that measure soil fertility and water quality.

    Accepted Evidence: Soil and water quality and consumption reports

  • Organic Components

    This product contains some certified organic ingredients.

    Accepted Evidence: List of Ingredients with the certifications of organic ingredients

  • Soil Association Organic

    The Soil Association published its first organic standard in 1967. https://www.soilassociation.org/

    Accepted Evidence: Membership

  • Soil Health and Land Mgmt

    Building and maintaining soil organic matter (SOM) is the underlying component in all fertile and productive soils.

    Accepted Evidence: Report from third party

  • Biodiversity Infrastructure

    Business has provided donations to projects or initiatives supporting biodiversity/conservation in its supply chain.

    Accepted Evidence: Program/project report

  • Alliance for Water Efficiency

    Advocate for water-efficient products and programs providing information and assistance on water conservation efforts. https://www.allianceforwaterefficiency.org/

    Accepted Evidence: Membership

  • Optimizing Water Quality

    Business has implemented practices to reduce the pollution discharge in water .

    Accepted Evidence: Discharge reports and measurements

  • Optimizing Water Use

    Business has implemented practices to reduce water consumption.

    Accepted Evidence: Water consumption/quality report

  • Water Footprint Reduction

    Measurements show a year-on-year decrease.

    Accepted Evidence: Measurement report

  • Audited Workplace Conditions

    This business workplace has been independently audited for human rights at work.

    Accepted Evidence: Report from third party

  • Employee Satisfaction

    Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a metric that can show you how employees feel about your company. https://blog.hubstaff.com/measuring-employee-satisfaction-with-survey/

    Accepted Evidence: Report

  • Fair Wage

    This business pays all its employees a fair wage, when a worker's net income allows them to support a decent standard of living.

    Accepted Evidence: Accounting firm letter

  • Supports Trade Unions

    If available, a labor peace agreement

    Accepted Evidence: Labor Peace Agreement

  • Women in Management

    Female members in the C Suite.

    Accepted Evidence: Accounting firm letter

  • B Corporation

    B Corporation certification assesses the social and environmental performance of a business, from supply chain and input materials to charitable giving and employee benefits.

    Accepted Evidence: Certificate

  • Cooperative Organization

    This business or organization is owned and run jointly by its members, who share the profits and/or benefits.

    Accepted Evidence: Incorporation docs

  • Clinically Tested

    This product was independently tested in humans in a clinical setting to ensure safety and performance.

    Accepted Evidence: Lab Report

  • No Artificial Flavours

    The product does not contain synthetically produced flavours. It may contain flavours derived from natural ingredients.

    Accepted Evidence: Lab tests

  • No Synthetic Preservatives

    This product does not contain any synthetically produced preservatives. It may contain natural preservatives.

    Accepted Evidence: Lab tests

  • PurityIQ Certified

    Purity-IQ standards and certifications build upon existing supply chain safety and quality compliance requirements expected from customers or regulatory agencies

    Accepted Evidence: Lab Tested

  • No Product Recalls

    A company with no product recalls shows attention to quality

    Accepted Evidence: Accounting firm letter

  • Supports Craft Producers

    This product helps promote traditional crafts and its production relies on the skills of artisans or craft growers.

    Accepted Evidence: Geo-localised + time-stamped videos or pictures of the making process

  • Improving Purchasing Practices

    Implemented purchasing practices to drive the improvement of working conditions in the supply chain.

    Accepted Evidence: Contract or Purchasing scores

  • Kosher Certified

    Kosher grants a hechsher to ingredients, packaged foods, beverages, and certain materials, as well as food-service providers in which kosher food is prepared

    Accepted Evidence: Third party report

  • 1% for the Planet

    1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses to support environmental solutions through annual membership and everyday actions.

    Accepted Evidence: Membership

  • Contributes to Charity

    Provided monetary or in-kind donations to one or more non-profits in the last year.

    Accepted Evidence: Receipt

  • Supports Supply Chain Health

    The business provided monetary or in-kind donations to projects or initiatives supporting health in its supply chain.

    Accepted Evidence: Program report

  • Supports Supply Chain Education

    This business provided monetary or in-kind donations to projects or initiatives supporting education in its supply chain.

    Accepted Evidence: Program report

  • Family Owned Business

    The majority (51%) of shares in this business are owned by people who identify as a family.

    Accepted Evidence: Incorporation docs

  • Female Owned Business

    More than half (51%) of the people who started the company identify as Female.

    Accepted Evidence: Incorporation docs

  • Independently Owned

    The business is majority owned (51%) and operated by the same person or group of people.

    Accepted Evidence: Incorporation docs

  • Person of Color Owned Business

    The majority (51%) of shares in this business are owned by people who identify as people of color.

    Accepted Evidence: Incorporation docs

  • Regulatory Compliance

    This business meets and exceeds all regulations required to manage the company.

    Accepted Evidence: License

  • Board Diversity

    This business prioritizes racial/ethnic/gender diversity on their Board.

    Accepted Evidence: Accounting firm letter

  • Board Independence

    The business supports independent board leadership, a key component of good corporate governance and long-term value creation.

    Accepted Evidence: Accounting firm letter

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