Empowering Cannabis Teams to Build a Stronger Community and Sustainable Environment

We help cannabis and hemp companies convert positive ESG standards into brand value and potentially reduce the risk of a company for investors.

Leveraging clearESG’s technology, we help guide companies to be fully transparent with the consumer. So whether a product is organic, or uses recycled packaging or is minority owned, we create a platform that communicates that value.







Discovering your Inner ESG

Q&A to help you take the ESG journey

The question many small businesses ask is what ESG is, why they should get involved, will it take time to implement and finally, will it deliver a ROI.

We empower new clients that did not realize they already have ESG related values and until now did not have the proper tools to share with your customers, community and investors.  This Q&A will provide some guidance in developing your sustainability plan.

How can ESG help your business?

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) are tools that help businesses address the United Nations Sustainability goals published in 2016. More and more private businesses will start reporting in the next two years as they recognize the many positive attributes it has for their brand, company and stakeholders.

Is this a time-consuming effort to implement?


clearESG makes it a very easy process to select ESG cannabis and hemp related values that have you sharing your ESG in minutes.  The clearESG team has cultivated sustainability attributes that are designed for our industry.

Why get involved?


Here are some quick data points to factor:

Brands are seeing an uptick in sales from reporting their brand and company accomplishments.


Pro-actively reduces risk that can have an impact on insurance costs.

Drives positive financial returns through improved operational efficiency and firm reputation, while also reducing risk for insurance. 

Helps attract and retain socially conscious talent.

Investors, especially VC firms, are evaluating more ESG related opportunities worldwide.

Return on Investment?


To fully understand the positive impact ESG is having on consumer behavior, studies are showing 79% of new consumers are changing their purchase decision based on social responsibility and environmental impact.  In addition and because of the impact you are making in the world of sustainability, you are likely to retain that customer much longer. Factor your other customer acquisition costs and your return is significant.  The software is a subscription plan that sells for $2,000/yr (paid in advance) or simply $200/mth.  

ESG Examples

Here are some quick issues to consider:


– Waste Management

– Energy Usage

– Water Usage

– Recyclable materials

– Improved farming


– Pay equity

– Supports trade unions

– B Certified

– No product recalls


– Donate to charity

– Diversified Board

– Support education

– Minority owned business

Please contact us for more information so we can start your ESG journey one step at a time.

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