Using ESG to Attract and Keep Employees

Due to a widespread worker shortage, a company’s job to attract and retain good talent is getting tougher. A company’s ESG is now a bigger part of its reputation, and that reputation builds trust and connection with its employees. A survey of 1,000 office workers [1] found that 62% think it’s important that their employer had a commitment to ESG.

Photo by Redd, cover by Smartworks Coworking

Within 10 years 72% of the world’s workforce will be made up of millennials and Gen Z. This group has a keen focus on climate and social issues, and they care about what their employer stands for and act on.

According to a study commissioned by the global sustainability activator, the importance of sustainable credentials ranks highest for Gen Z (16-24 year olds), where over two-thirds (67%) say it is somewhat or very important to them, with Millennials (25-34 year olds) not far behind at 64%. However, workers are unlikely to be fooled by ‘greenwashing‘.

When companies are rated by their employee’s satisfaction the top scoring ones have a 14% higher ESG score than the global average. A satisfied employee will work harder to produce better results and choose to stay with their company long term.

ESG reports can cost companies hundreds and thousands of dollars. clearESG has utilized the power of blockchain to cost-effectively allow small to medium-sized companies to tell their ESG story in a powerful way.  

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